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Cape Breton


Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 2019


This property is our most ambitious project to date. When complete the project will feature 8 different buildings and well over 10,000 square feet of living space. The first three buildings (public house, master house & guest house) were delivered in the fall of 2018, a barn was constructed onsite over the winter while a sauna and hot tub pavilion was pre-fabbed for delivery in summer of 2019. The next phase of the project will include an office, a viewing tower and a racquet sport facility.  

This project is privately situated along Cape Breton's spectacular Cabot Trail.

Main Lodge

A  Entrance

B  Kitchen

C  Pantry

D  Dining

E  Living Room

F  Bar

G  Powder Room

H  Covered Terrace

I    Terrace

J   Outdoor Kitchen

K   Basement Terrace

Suites + Sauna

A  Covered Entrance

B  Bedroom

C  Sitting Room

D  Kitchenette

E  Bathroom

F  Outdoor Shower

G  Covered Terrace

H  Terrace

I    Mechanical/Storage

J   Change Room

K   Sauna

L   Spa

2D_Wreck Cove A.png
2D_Wreck Cove B.png
2D_Wreck Cove B.png


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