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Prince Edward Island


South Shore, Prince Edward Island, 2018

This home is a great example of how design can address a site challenge. The site itself is spectacular however the challenge was how to create privacy on a lot that has no trees and is open directly to neighboring homes?  The solution was to situate the private wing towards the neighboring properties to create a courtyard facing the ocean. The result is a home that feels completely private with direct views of the ocean.


One of our favorite features of this home is how the design eliminates the boundary between the interior and outside. This design features six different entry points.   

A  Covered Entrance

B  Kitchen

C  Pantry

D  Dining

E  Living Room

F  Covered Terrace

G  Terrace

H  Powder Room

I    Mechanical/Laundry

J   Storage

K   Bedroom

L   Ensuite

2D_Ingonish Beach.png


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